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March 05 2012

precious bubbles made by meee, photo via Martin (@metalab@fotolab)
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February 14 2012

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hapy fake facebook birthday to meeh! yaaay
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January 26 2012


August 08 2011


trackmanias longest track

i just #dreamt about the longest trackmania track ever. first sailing in a small nutshelly ship with high speeds across the ocean, jumping over severall islands, outmanouvering and leaving behind the bad octopi pirate ship until we reached waters protected by the red stone. then sliding across vast amounts of ice and snow. the kids called  it 'slashing' now but i will always call it 'swooshing' and make that 'swoosh' sound everytime i do it. then it was time to fly. i asked my friend who came with me how the fuck i should do it, cause i tried so many times and couldnt get it to work. he said i should just imagine going up some stairs or swimming through water. so we did just that and i could feel the pressure under my foot, eventhough nothing was there. i climbed the sky with him and started swimming. it fucking worked this time! but the graphics were so bad! i couldnt see very far and had to tickle the horizon with my finders so the models and textures would load! i stopped doing it to see what would happen: blackness but before the buildings and streets past under me, they showed up. finally we landed and got us a car. like watching a screen we drove high speeds on a actually very complicated track which was stretched sooo long but we only drove at the part which went just straight. it also had some jumps. the tracks looked like old plastic ones (but professionally crafted extra for this track) for cars which you draw up so the build up energy to drive. finally we came to the end which went monstly in circles / sharp 90° curves. it contained a marker for reaching the "2nd" half of the track which was actually very short. then we finished it. all we got was a *ding ding ding*. my friend (which turned into another person i only knew little about) got crazy happy and i was like, yea, we did it yo.

July 24 2011



i #dreamt floating on a raft made out of living trees on the vienna river with @simonrepp. holding to many solettis (with bandnames on them) at once, hearing someone talk about an artist who hides his artwork in one of the many trees which grow out of the river. i already planned were to look after this was over. i would do it at night. he continued talking about where viennas "new castle" beer reserves were and that you could get his soletti-beer/"new castle" mix there. simon said he tried it, the taste is not for everyone. friendly bar keepers offered me a free campari drink cause i had nothing to drink and i was sweet. then, a friend of simon showed me a cute girl with 2 different eye colors. the difference was subtle but still obvious, very natural. she smiled and was touched as i said she had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

February 04 2011


January 09 2011

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B.U.T.T.O.N. (Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally OK Now) - very cute.
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Cart Life, a tycoon kinda simulation with 4 different characters/storylines to chose from! coming hopefully in february?

January 08 2011

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footage of jason rohrers new game leaked!
looks like a recursive infinite shooter thingy, where you can "enter" anything to modify it.

January 01 2011


October 18 2010

Rock of Ages - gonna be great!! sadly i dont own a PS3 or an xbox360

October 05 2010

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i met this guy the other day. he seemed depressed.
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September 28 2010

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licht und kraft, Licht und Kraft, LICHT UND KRAFT (as seen at U4 Friedensbrücke)
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August 27 2010

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