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i #dreamt floating on a raft made out of living trees on the vienna river with @simonrepp. holding to many solettis (with bandnames on them) at once, hearing someone talk about an artist who hides his artwork in one of the many trees which grow out of the river. i already planned were to look after this was over. i would do it at night. he continued talking about where viennas "new castle" beer reserves were and that you could get his soletti-beer/"new castle" mix there. simon said he tried it, the taste is not for everyone. friendly bar keepers offered me a free campari drink cause i had nothing to drink and i was sweet. then, a friend of simon showed me a cute girl with 2 different eye colors. the difference was subtle but still obvious, very natural. she smiled and was touched as i said she had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

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